Kiley V. Kentucky

Climate Change

We need more solar power use, use less pollutants, and find natural power.

Dear President,

          As you know, climate change these days is a huge problem. In my opinion, we must do something about it. To do this, I suggest three things: using more solar power, using less pollutants, and continue the search for more natural power.

          The sun is a very powerful object, everyone knows it. So why not use it to better the earth? Switching to solar energy can create a huge benefit for us and the earth alike. The average American home produces a footprint of 7.43 metric tons of CO2 per year. Using solar energy can reduce that number to 1.41. And we can prevent it, just simply put some solar panels out on our roofs.

          Another way to prevent climate change and pollution, let's use less pollutants. We can create fuel with no pollutants and if that is not possible, try to at least use less of these harmful chemicals in fuels for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Much like using solar power, the environment will thank us. We will thank ourselves, too!

          We can look. We can search. We can not give up. Let's look around. Look. I am sure there is something else somewhere. We need to find more natural power. Nature is always giving us the clues. We are too busy polluting the earth to care. Nature can help us to save ourselves. Other sources of natural energy can be further developed such as wind, geothermal, and even using the tides and waves of the ocean. More natural power can help us, so let's look around.

          President, I hope you can be influenced by what I have said. We can help the earth by switching to solar power, using less or no pollutants, and looking for more natural power. Think about it please.

                                                                              Kiley V. Louisville, KY