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Should Marriage be illegal?

Marriage is a good thing because people like to get married.

Dear President,  Marriage should be illegal. because if someone was gay n they like there own sex, they might wanna get married . Getting married there is nothing wrong with  that because people like to be gay and they in love with there boyfriend/girlfriend.

     When you get married and you are a girl you should always tell someone because you are a girl and you are marring that  girl and you are so in love with her. But if you gay you should really let someone know because you might get sick or something.

      If a kid ever think about getting married they should think about who are they going to married because it don't  matters if you are gay or not. if you a girl you should married an boy and if you are a boy you should married a girl.

   You not suppose to ever married your own sex because god raised boys to be boys n god raised girls to be girls. Nobody on earth should not be gay but that is some people choices. If girls like girls then that is what it is and if boys like boys then that is what it is.

      I am giving some people warnings don't ever follow your parents footsteps if they are gay because you are going to end up like that.but this is only a warning.


Pacesetters Block 3 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 3 Social Studies

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