Shea M. Colorado

Legal Marijuana

A poem on legal Marijuana and the treatment of its leisure

Dear Future President,

We have a plant, called illegal Marijuana

It is looked down upon as a foreign fauna

There is a girl with Epilepsy, and her name is Ana

Her disease needed treatment, for what they caused were seizures

After toxic medications and no improvement; Ana was no longer a believer

Illegal marijuana has many healing traits, but it was deemed as a leisure

She gathered an army and fought for the rights

They stood on the steps of the house, days and nights

Fighting for the accessability that could cure people of new heights

After a long and unsuccessful battle, they all gave up the protest

But Ana was strong, and she needed no more rest

She fell to the floor with a sharp pain in her chest

She lay in a coffin, looking like a modern day madonna

Yet nobody listened, when she asked for Legal Marijuana

Please future president, don't make this world a waiting line for nirvanna