Blake M. Iowa

Food Waste

My letter is about how people are wasting food because it looks funny.

To the Future President:

My name is Blake Meinders I live in Oskaloosa, Iowa, and I am a student at Oskaloosa Christian School.

I am writing to tell you that there is a high amount of food waste in our country. There are 165 billion dollars of food thrown away in a year. People are throwing away a tomato that has a little brown spot on it. I hear of people going to the store, and there, trying to buy a simple carrot but something about them just doesn’t look right. Also just the people that throw food away because there was a weird taste in that one bite.

This matters to me because I am raised to eat all my food even if it looks different. Also for a more important reason, because there is so much hunger in this world, including the United States. People won’t give the homeless a dollar, but they’ll throw a carrot out that’s worth two when they could have given it to them. Then you hear of certain countries that have so many hungry people and what are we doing to help? We see garbage bags full of food being thrown away when we could of helped and gave it to the people that need it.

You should care about this because it also affects you having all the complaints in this world. But, you should also care about this because these people depend on you to help and this is a major problem in this country. Also because all the people out there that need food are living people, human beings, that deserve care, love, and help when they need it. There could be a lot of lives saved if you address this issue. Most important the debt we’re in could go down by not throwing away any food and help us all a lot, and there’s a lot of room in this world, but then all the food that gets put in dumps just keeps piling on.

To fix this we all can try and value food more. Also just give donations to others in need. Preparers of food, like bakeries and factories can give the unsold/used food to homeless shelters, instead of just throwing it out. Then you can take a big problem and may be able to make it smaller. World hunger is an important issue in this world but it comes back to food waste. So we can fix this by getting what we know we will not eat, and instead getting something we think we will like.

As a Christian this an important issue to me because I’ve been taught to love your neighbors as myself and I try my best to address problems. But it all come to prayer for me, I ask and He provides. But, sometimes you just don’t realize that He helps a lot, but sometimes it could be us making the difference, one person at a time. You just hear of all the bad things in this world that the Lord frowns upon but if we just help with this problem we can change the world. So if you will help me help others, things can change, we can be the United States.

I ask you to consider my request because I may be one person but many have the same thought as me. Even if we don’t stop food waste we can help world hunger.


Blake Meinders