faith l. Michigan

Students Attending School

All kid should have a chance at attending school.

Dear future president,

Over the past ten year the people who attend school has significantly decreased. Some can’t attend due to financial struggles, other chose not to of their own free will. Either way school is very important stepping stone on the path of life and everyone should get the same opportunity. If people do not get the chance to go to school regularly they can't get a good education giving the kids less opportunity for jobs in the future. It's the school’s job to help kids get started on their way through life, if they miss something like that they won't have the information to help them move forward later in life.

To help try to increase the number of people who attend school we should put more money into improving schools all around the united states and making school more appealing. On people even say during a survey done by Phillip Brown and Debi McNeal of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, where kids  from North Oconee high school asked what they appreciated most in school and the results were “ the students appreciated the teachers who took the time the help teach them before and after school. They also appreciated teachers with a high enthusiasm towards the class.  

Some people believe that they shouldn't have to be forced to attend school and they should get the choice whether they go to school or not. Well this is their opinion it not very wise to not attend school when it is such a big part of your life and shouldn't be skipped. A good way to help improve the classroom environment is improve how teachers are taught in training. Lynn Olson says in an article he did for education week; “A survey for more than 1,000 education school deans and NCATE coordinators this year found that 93 percent  of responses agreed or strongly agreed that as a result of working with the NCATE standards, their own institutions showed better alignment between standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessments.” Depending on the teaching program you take will depend the type of teacher that person will become.

Additionally, if we can help and convince kids to come to school on an a regularly basis it will have a significantly large impact on their chances to get better jobs. If these students have a chance at better jobs that means the will get a much higher income than kids who don’t. Kids who don’t have an education tend to have less job options in the long run. An education is very useful and it can’t just simply be skipped due to poor finances of laziness, it's important and everyone should do it!

The school also needs to improve to help accommodate for all the students. Kaleem Caire from the Editorial Projects in Education says: “ Most often, the problem is that districts themselves do not keep track or control their resources well.” School need to improve to give their students the best possible education. The government should be funding smaller schools that don't have the best materials instead of giving more money to the better ones. This way more kids will have an education instead of giving the ones that already have decent materials even greater ones.

Over all education is important, and everyone should have one. We need to help everyone get and equal opportunity no matter where in the states you live or how much money you have.