kaylie Massachusetts



Dear, Mr. President,

      My name is Kaylie Jeffers. I am fifteen years old and I live and attend school in Boston, Massachusetts.  I would like to inform you about the immigration vendetta that has been occurring for quite sometime now. 

I believe that the immigration policies should be revised and modified to today's standards. From the depths of my heart I believe that it is unfair to deport innocent illegal immigrants. Perhaps, they just came to the United States of America to support their families and to live a better life that they could not pursue in their former country? Or maybe they needed an escape from a dictatorship. In addition to that it affects the majority of today's population. Families of all different races and backgrounds have been separated from their loved ones due to deportation. People who have given birth to their child in the United States are forced to keep them there while they themselves are sent back to their homeland without their child. Only after the child has grown up, are they allowed to file forms to have their family naturalized. The debate about whether or not to keep illegal immigrants in the United States has caused huge controversy in politics along with among individuals.

To whoever may become our next president, I ask of you and your subordinates to please take this matter into consideration. It would be beneficial and help immensely to millions of people living here or for those who plan on coming to the United States if you could modify the immigration laws and policy. That way the people as a whole are satisfied and less conflict would arise. The benefits to this include: Less conflict, less deportation, content citizens, less unlawful immigration, less controversy, and hopefully the derogatory term, "anchor baby" will no longer be in use.