Jordan A. Massachusetts

Education in America

How we can improve education in America.

Dear Donald Trump, 

          Hello, my name is Jordan Andrade and I'm a freshman at Nipmuc Regional Highschool. I'm happy to know you have the upper hand against Crooked Hillary. In my beliefs, America is like a tree, that is told not to be grown. The trees dreams and duties are ignored. But what if that tree could grow to its fullest potential? There could be great achievements to look upon. But why does America not listen to the American people. When a change is demanded they say they will listen. All they can do is talk. But I want a real change in our education here in America. But will anyone really listen? 

          As Americans we strive to be the best we can be. But it seems to me that our education system is ranked 14th worldwide. While other great countries such as Finland surpass as in this category. Even our average IQ seems to be low, coming in around 30th, which is nothing to be proud of. But yet again Finland seems to be better than the United States by coming in around 18th. But, what makes us so much different, the way the school system is, makes the difference. Finland has simple differences such as shorter school days. Students here in America hate coming to school for 6 hours 5 days a week. Why can't America change their hours? If I knew I would tell you. This could easily be changed but does anyone other than me find it a big problem here in the U.S?

          Everyone believes homework is mandatory and thinks students need it to excel in their classes. If anything, homework has hurt our students true morals of education. Look around the world and see if other top educated countries have homework. For example, homework is non existent in Finland, which has been a good factor in actually learning information. It seems to me, in America, all homework has caused is cheating between students. The students today focus on getting homework done than actually learning important information and skills. There are no standardized test in Finland except for one at the end of senior year. But here in America all students are compared and all this has created is competition between students especially when it comes to state exams here in America. Everyone is expected to learn the common core. Has this done anything for the youth? Most adults forget 50-70 percent of the information they learn. Students need to be taught the basics such as how to read, write, add, multiple etc. Real life skills need to be incorporated in schools curriculum. From my experiences, students focus on their grades more than actually learning the curriculum. Without change there will be no outcome. 

          This concludes a change needed. Will the a American people be heard? If so, our country can grow to its highest potential in education. I believe the American people will accept a change. The people will know when your voice speaks the graceful words of a true change. I have hope for all of our students and our country. To conclude my message all that must be said and done is make America Great Again.                                                                     


                                                                                                             Jordan Andrade                                                                                                                                                                     

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