Gabriela M. Massachusetts



Dear Mr/Mrs president, 

My name is Gabriela Mina I am 16 years old and I'm a Junior at a High School of Boston Public Schools. The reason I am  writing this to you is to talk about a topic that is concerning many of us around the country: immigration. We've been talking about this in my U.S History class and I personally have learned many good and bad things about it. 

I know that some people think that is not right to have people from other countries coming and "taking the good jobs" from them. While others think that without undocumented people this country couldn't have succeed. From my perspective I also agree with the second opinion. There is a lot of rumors that have been around lately saying that these people only come to the country to make it worst. They say they're criminals, that they only come here to kill, rape, to do drugs and get benefits that they don't deserve. .

 Honestly many of the people who come here, are expecting to have a better life.  A life different from the one that they are running away from in their country. Instead of judging them for the decisions they make, everyone who actually has the power or the opportunity, should help them. I also can understand that not everyone thinks or does the same thing. There are others that don't help the country at all, and these are the ones we should worry about. It is unfair to "punish" all the immigrants by deporting them or sending them to jail when some of them haven't done anything  illegal but coming into the country without a Visa or all the papers you need to get into this country.

  In my opinion this is an important topic because we can see how much hate people are taking out towards immigrants. If we don't do something about it we are going to be all against each other and make this situation worst and bigger as time passes by. Every person in this country is important, we all work hard to success and get a better future.