Rosalba M. Missouri

How it feels to be trapped in your mind.

We as a nation need to take in mind that our mental health matters to.They don't realize what people feel daily fighting themselves alone if they're in that position. we need accessible help.

         dear president elect,   

I am a ninth grader who is very concerned about people not getting help with any mental illness for i have suffered with one myself. A ninth grader that wants people to have resources at hand to help if they suffer with a mental illness or don't feel fine. To have schools teach you how to deal with people who need help and teach themselves worth and how to pick up signs to prevent certain illness like suicide .

      People who live in  sunnier and brighter places are at a low rate of having depression, one of the most common mental health illnesses, while people, who live in a darker and less sunnier places have a much higher rate at getting depression. If people wouldn't ignore these mental illnesses and push it aside or cared about this as much as their physical health, it would affect their thinking where they live with this mental illness being one of the most common ones. Affecting more than 16 million adults each year. The risks this mental illness are many including chronic pain, large amounts of sleep, insomnia, agitation, lack of energy, people with this mental illness can develop another mental illnesses like an eating disorder. Such as bulimia-nervosa, anorexia-nervosa, binge eating disorder or ednos which could lead to death over time. These are only some of the risks this specific mental illness can lead to, because most people won't understand what people with mental illnesses go through there trapped in there own mind. So we as a society need to help people with mental illnesses, to give resources to young adults if they might suspect they have one, to help them get through that peridox. Most people won't understand what people with mental illnesses go through there trapped in there own mind where broken glass can represent many things given the perspective.

           But even then, the mind itself can be the same broken glass.Those same loose shards stabbing your thoughts daily until begin to realize something maybe wrong but they’ll brush it off because people who smile are happy aren't they. They light fireworks but the brightness and loudness are bringing back memories of death and blood. A teenager having so much to give but is staying up all night hating everything about themselves making them tear up even a tears escape no matter how hard they try to not let them. Someone having fear of people ,fear of public places, stuttering when they talk because they're anxious but don't know why having sweaty palms and a pounding heart and feeling like they can't breath when they get way too overwhelmed.time passing. A person's mind is fading away without them noticing yet there family does and it breaks them because they're forgetting everything slowly.

          According to the website mental illnesses do lead to “Unhappiness and decreased enjoyment of life, Family conflicts, Relationship difficulties, Social isolation, Problems with tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, Missed work or school, or other problems related to work or school, Legal and financial problems, Poverty and homelessness, Self-harm and harm to others, including suicide or homicide, Weakened immune system, so your body has a hard time resisting infections, Heart disease and other medical conditions".

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