Josh Missouri


What I think abortion, rules and stuff

Hello Mr./Mr.s President,

Abortion is something that I really kind of feel like needs to be strict, I get abortioning a cell that you've had for 2 weeks, that's fine, but it you've had a baby for months, you shouldn't be allowed to get rid of it. 

Another thing about abortion, which I know next to nothing about, is that people may get impregnated and not want the baby, and I know that some people don't really know what to do or don't have enough money to handle a baby. I'm okay at a small point to get rid of some cells brought together in a ball, but if you're 6 months into a baby and you all of a sudden are like "I don't really want it..." you had chosen your path once that bunch of cells became a Baby, and you can't just think about it while it's in there, you have to do something.

That above was just some stuff I kind of think on, now some literal facts. There are 1.1 million abortions per year in the U.S. Almost 1/4 of pregnancies (A whole 22%) are aborted. (

What I'm trying to get at is that abortion isn't a good thing, but under some big circumstances I think it is okay. If you're under 9 weeks of pregnancy I think under certain circumstances, like rape or financial problems not because you just don't want it, is okay but after that 9 weeks you are keeping the baby and having to keep with it.

Sincerely from some random kid in some random state,

Josh C. 

Bode Middle School

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