Hannah M. Georgia

Police Brutality

Police officers are getting out of control, the shooting numbers are higher than ever.

Dear future president,

In the past two years, police shootings have been an outrage. They have been all over the news and social media. The number of shootings is at one of its highest records. Police are killing people who do not have weapons, which needs to stop. Our cities no longer trust the authorities. We need to control our police, they are killing too many innocent people every day.

Police are abusing their authority. 102 unarmed black people were shot and killed by white cops. Some of these black men were driving down the road and got stopped because their rear end light was dead, or they were speeding. These black men reach for their licenses and are shot dead right in their car. The law enforcements who have shot and killed unarmed people need to be punished. Only 10 out of the 102 cases, the officer was penalized. Police have guns to protect their communities and themselves from danger. Police need to recognize their roles in our towns and take control of their actions.

There have been many protesters because of these shootings. For example, the Black Lives Matter movement is one of the many nonprofit protesting organizations. These people are protesters because they have seen white cops killing black men. An article from BBC stated, there were 1,000 fatal shootings in the past two years after the shooting of Michael Brown. Black men are 21 times more likely to get shot by police than a white or Hispanic. In this case, many protesters find these acts racial. The authorities need to see the problems these acts are causing and stop.

These officers have misused used their rights as a police officer. They need regulations based on their gun rights. Those numbers of innocent people needs to be lowered a lot. They do not need to shoot someone who is not showing any sign of a threat. New training systems need to be enforced to help with this. All the authorities need to go through it. Statistics are showing that police that have been in uniform for more than ten years are shooting. Our cops need to treat these “threatening” situations differently.

In conclusion, police need to be controlled. They are here to protect our neighborhoods and not cause fear or not be trusted. The law enforcements are causing too many tragic deaths in one year, and have taken their authority too far. We need to stop police brutality.