Jonathon C. Michigan

Dear Future President

Hey future president, immigration is a huge deal in our country. Also I am wondering what you will do to help prevent or accept this problem. We have a huge amount of immigrants in our country half of our population is illegal immigrants. Me and many others believe that there should be a solution to this problem.

How will you deal with the people that have been brought here as kids and babies that are still illegal but they didn’t have a choice to come here will they be legal or illegal? The people that are here and have been here awhile will they be accepted as immigrants? Will the different generations of the illegal immigrants be accepted as citizens or will they be illegal immigrants?

I believe that immigration is a very big deal to our country I think that the immigrants can and are very dangerous and can be deadly criminals. I also think that the immigrants will over populate our country and they will eventually take our country over and take our jobs and eventually think they own the place.

Well I think that the immigration plans that Donald Trump has set to help improve the immigration problems are very good. The country will become overpopulated if we let all of these immigrants in and then the regular citizens will lose their jobs and will become poor. This is why we shouldn't let the immigrants into our country when they could cause a bunch of trouble and could be criminals and they would be potentially dangerous. These immigrants will be just trying to take over our country and eventually rule it.

This concludes my letter about immigration into the US and what the president's plan on doing to help to take care of this problem and how they plan to do it. I do think that immigration is a very bad thing to the US we will eventually get taken over and the Mexicans will try to take us over and try to claim the US for themselves. 

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