Marco California

Invading U.S soil or compensating it ?

Why should we be hunted down when we do the same things as a American citizen and more so? Why are we taxed on the benefits we don't have? Why do they want to get rid of us if were only helping the economy and are the backbone of Americas success? We are not doing anything illegal we are only taking advantage of what this beautiful country has to offer us and our family.

Dear next President,

First of all I congratulate and respect you for making it into office as president and hope you read my letter and take in consideration of my life and the many illegal immigrants I can relate to.  The purpose of this letter is to persuade you with my story so you can use your given executive action to positively affect the life's of millions of immigrants in the U.S. Let me introduce myself, my name is Marco, an immigrant that has spent ten years in the glorious state of California. California has the highest population of immigrants at 3 million who like me call this home.

In fact 39% of all immigrants come to America for the better jobs and opportunities that are not offered in their home country because of economical depression, war, tyranny and the lack of resources. Immigrants don't come here just to break the law nor corrode America, they come here to live and have a better life for themselves or their loved ones. Like many families, mine too was looking ahead of my future and heading toward the U.S for a better education and resources my parents did not have when they were children. 

For example, in Mexico they will pay you less than $6 dollars a day or 90% less than a minimum wage employment. My parents like many others did not want to see me suffer and work for the rest of my life. So they decided to cross the border when I was four; we crossed through the desert. My dad, a strong, tall and courageous man helped others along the way who could not continue because of the treacherous heat of the desert, the exhaustion of walking for hours, and the lack of good drinking water. He did all this while carrying me on his shoulder. When we were crossing I did not cry, I was obedient to my mom and dad, and did not get us all caught. On the voyage we had to go under barbed wires downhill without activating the sensor traps set up to catch immigrants by falling down or coming close to the designated area. 

We were the first ones to cross the barbed fences. At that moment, someone activated the alarm, the sirens came on, border patrol came and got everyone except me my mom, dad and some others who made it into the van. It took us all very fast across the border. Another person taking us led us to Arizona by vehicle where no one was allowed to make noises or go outside. When we finally arrived we got in a big house, where we stayed in a home cramped and stuck inside with 100 other immigrants. My mom and dad did not have any money to spend, so my mom, a short, caring and beautiful woman made a deal. She was already a great cook, and would feed the many families in order for me to get a hamburger or something to eat. After a few weeks of sleeping in the closet and complete isolation, my uncle helped us pay for the transport so we could get driven twenty-five hours to the great and beautiful state California, where I still live today. 

First and very important, I demand that you use your executive power to carry out and completely shut down immigration detention centers where they separate families by taking the immigrants in and deporting them without a fair lawful case. In here 577,295 thousand immigrants are heavily prosecuted, processed and sent back to their home country without remorse of breaking thousands of families. 

As a immigrant I have less chances of enjoying the many benefits of a natural born citizen and can't contribute to special events. To me this is unfair and uncivilized; if we contribute by paying taxes not evading the law and don't get a say in the world, why do we not get a medical insurance work permits and many other things for our future? Second, what I hope that you can accomplish in your presidency rules is to extend the stay of the many immigrants by enabling and pursuing the programs DACA and DAPA for children and adult immigrants. Recently congress has halted DACA and DAPA because of insufficient votes towards it, but with your perseverance and power we can get the programs up and running. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my article designated to all immigrants and to the next president himself. I hope my words will be a root to the origin of changing the face of immigration forever in the U.S. Finally I sincerely wish you a great four or more year presidency in the land of the free, America. 



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