Caroline K.

Consider Domestic Violence

In this letter it is talking about why domestic violence is a bad thing to do to some one. This is a problem in the whole world and need to be addressed.

Dear Mr. President,

Do you truly want the world to be a better place? Then here is something that needs to be addressed. Domestic Violence. Domestic violence is physically, mentally, and emotionally harmful, and harsher consequences will put an end to rate of domestic violence. Physical abuse is when someone is hurting that person in a way with weapons. Physical abuse doesn’t permanently stay on that person, that injury can heal up, but it can affect your future. Mental abuse is when that person who is abusing you is yelling, threatening, intimidation, and swearing. But Mental abuse will be permanently in the mind. Emotional abuse is when someone is ignoring, mocking, and humiliating you and it can permanently stick to you.

Domestic Violence is causing the world to be sacred because people don’t want that to happen to them. Domestic Violence is when your partner is using violence instead of talking. Using physical, sexual, and emotional attacks to them. Why domestic violence is an issue is that many people get abused by their partner for example if the women in the relation and want to leave the man, the man might get mad and he stills wants her so he will threaten her and she would get abused. The background of domestic violence is that it is not a way to treat a girl, domestic can hurt the loved one very bad.

The causes of this issue is that the people who do it have mental problems and they are mad at the person. That if they hurt someone it may relief them from the stress. What you can do is have a public speaking to say that domestic violence is bad and you can get in trouble. Some people think it is ok for them to hurt others and no one will know what they are doing. What people do is they lock them up and no one will find them. The people who do should get bigger consequences because they hurt people and their families.

The person who is affected with Domestic Violence may get killed or have injuries that can be permanent. The effects of this is that people might get hurt or something worse. Women get affected worse than men, why, because men are more aggressive against women.

You should consider this because this is a problem in the whole world. In conclusion domestic violence is an topic that needs to be considered. Domestic violence is a very important topic because many people get hurt and that is the problem that now one wants it to happen to them.