Zach E. Missouri

Support Family Farms

The number of family farms in the U.S. has decreased in the past years, this needs to change.

Dear Next President,

Have you ever been to a small hometown farm? Well, I’m writing you because the government should realize that family farms are the heartbeat of our country. An article that I have read says that without small farmers, the spirit of agriculture will die out, and we don’t want that to happen! The people of the U.S. need to realize the support that hometown farmers need from the public. That support is really hard to get when some people don’t think that what us farmers are doing helps them enough to make a difference in their daily lives. But, this will affect the public because there will be less beef and other produce on the market. Americans need to realize that there are some things that can’t be made in factories. Small farmers can be helped, by the support of the community, and can be helped by the government with lower taxes on things such as property, cattle, vehicle, and insurance premiums and taxes. You see, there isn’t a whole lot that needs to be fixed, but what does, needs to be fixed right. So whenever you think about a new law or tax, just think, how would this hurt our farmers. Thank you.


Zach E