Nick F. New Jersey

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Nick Ferrari

West Milford Twp. High School

67 Highlander Drive

West Milford, NJ 07480

3rd November 2016

Future President at the White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President:

Hello, it’s only five days until the election and America finds out who our new president is going to be. As a freshman i don’t have the privilege to vote yet, so my opinion doesn’t count. Even though I’m only fourteen i still understand the issues our country faces today. The main issue I believe this country has is illegal immigration. Millions of dollars each year are spent on these undocumented people who enter our country illegally. As you, being the future president can fix these issues that are rocketing our country into more and more debt.

Illegal immigration has become a serious issue to the country over the past decade. Numbers of illegal immigrants entering our country has risen dramatically, causing major debt in our economy. More than fifty two percent of illegal immigrants come from Mexico, because of the opportunities of the United States. This is also because Mexico has extremely low wages, leaving workers unable to make enough money to support a family. The United States has high wages compared to Mexico, and these illegal immigrants see this as an opportunity to come to America however they can. When you come in office hopefully you can fix this issue buy cracking down on border patrol, cutting down on any way these people can sneak into our nation. There are a total of eleven million illegal immigrants living in the United States. This is a huge amount of people that are taking away American citizens jobs, leaving a serious issue in which hopefully you can fix.

Most of these immigrants inhabit six states, including New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, California, and Illinois. Living in New Jersey this personally affects me. My parents tax dollars are going to children of illegal immigrants. We need to cut down on this because it’s affecting other issues that are being ignored due to these illegal children. Our tax dollars could be going to making better roads, but instead it’s aiding people that don’t live in America.

On the other side of the argument America isn’t doing enough to allow these people trying to get into the country a visa, or a citizenship. America is thought as an opportunity, a land of opportunity that is to hard to get into. As this new election comes up this should be a main concern , in which we can create more jobs. In order to keep our country thriving we need to make it easier for people to enter America.

When you get into office, I hope that you will consider thinking about some of these issues. It would be amazing if you even decided to tend to these issues so America can become even better. I hope you the best!

Your Name

Nick Ferrari