Thanh T. Washington

Future Altercations that Might Arise From

With a population of 324 million and rising there arises the problem of having not enough to feed a growing population.

To the next President of the United States,

Food is a necessity that every creature on this planet needs. Though sometimes as a human being there are limitations to how we come across food. Not to mention with inflation, the cost of grocery is constantly rising. Also with an ever-increasing population, there is also the problem of trying to find a continuous food source to feed everyone.

Our current population as recorded is around 324 million and it’s constantly increasing at a rapid rate. In the long run, there will not be enough to food to feed everyone so we need to continue to innovate and find alternative food sources that can feed everyone. Around 42.2 million Americans live in a food insecure household and a whopping 49 million Americans are constantly struggling to put food on the table. This raises the question “Why is this happening to America?” Well you see as the depletion of food occurs coupled with the fact that we are constantly having an increase in population, supply and demand comes into play. The price of food starts to rise and this causes many Americans to struggle to feed their families.

There was a period in life where me and my father were at our lowest. We were living in a car and struggling to find a relative to take us in just so that we could somehow find some ground for us to get back on our feet. We were struggling with food and money, and at times we would only have enough for one person to eat so my dad would always give it to me. It was probably one of the hardest times in my life, but that was many years ago and now many years have gone by and we don’t struggle with food anymore. But the thought of it still bothers to this day and it’s very tragic how there are still many Americans out there who are going through this situation constantly.

It’s always heart-wrenching to watch a parent give the last scrap to their child. No American should have to through that. Food should be a necessity and not a decision on whether or not you should eat today or save money. Even though there are government programs out there that are designed to help fight hunger, there are still people who are constantly fighting the battle with hunger. So I challenge the next president to help create a program that will effectively fight against hunger.