Angel C. California

Does Privacy Exist On Social Media?

For years we've been using social media, but have you ever stopped to think that maybe someone has violated your privacy.

Dear Future President,

When I first started using social media I was excited. I was the only one in my household using it because I was the most into technology. It was fun for the first couple of months but one day I sent a photo to the wrong person. When I realized that I couldn't get the photo back I got embarrassed. The person I sent the picture to took a screenshot of it. When I saw this, I got nervous. I told them to delete it but to this day I can only hope they deleted it. I hope that the picture never comes back to haunt me.

Social media has become a huge issue in our society. Due to a lack of privacy on social media applications, there has been an increase of cyber bullying, threats, and blackmail. This issue needs to be fixed before matters get worse. People’s privacy is always being exposed on social media by other users. Even if you are not part of social media you are still not safe. It’s sad to think that we have to be afraid that someone may put up a picture of you without your consent. There needs to be more restrictions or laws for users. People can screenshot pictures they can save pictures all because privacy is so minimal. This is affecting everyone around the world no matter where you are you have to be careful. Privacy on social media has always been a big issue. So many people have been hurt because of this issue. Suicides and depression happen every day because of what people put on social media.

This issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible. We should make more laws and restriction to protect people who use and don't use social media. People should not be able to save or screenshot pictures of you without your consent. There should be a restriction on what can be said so there aren't as many people hurt. About 4,500 suicides happen because of social media each year. Just in the United States this number needs to change for the better. A good example to prove my point would be the Amanda Todd story. She was an ordinary girl but because of one man screenshotting a picture her whole life became a mess. She ended up killing herself at the age of 15 because of bullying.

Thank you for reading my letter I hope it has convinced you to make a change.


Angel Covarrubias 



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