Ian C. California

Money or a Better Future

This article is abut how college cost can hold this country back from becoming smarter.

Dear Next President,

Please close your eyes and take a moment to imagine what you can do for this country. You're probably thinking about black equality, women's equality, economy, animal rights etc, these are topics that need to be fixed immediately, but the topic that I personally think that needs to be fixed is college tuition.

Today, colleges cost $10,000 to $30,000 a year depending if it is a private or public college. In my research, 65.9% of students don't go to college because of cost, or they just don't want to. However, people who do go to college end up being scientists, engineers and doctors. If we lower the costs of college tuition, more people can become educated by going to college and have better lives.

Today, scientists, doctors and engineers have made amazing breakthroughs such as iPhones, computers, lights, cars and so much more, but imagine if we had more help from people who went to college. Lowering college tuition will make this country smarter and better.

I am asking for your help, Mr. President, please make your country a better place by lowering college costs so underprivileged kids can go to college, get an education, and make this country smarter and more evolved than it already is.

-Ian C

Santa Clara High School

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