Katie Michigan

Animal Abuse

This letter is about how their is too much animal abuse happening in this world.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Every day in the world animals are being beaten, neglected, forced to struggle for their lives. Some are left behind with no food, shelter, or water. These animals deserve to live a better life like us humans. I believe that we need to stop animal cruelty and animal abuse it is happening to much.

Animals don't deserve to be abused or beaten to death. According to Aspca, dog fighting is a type of sport where dogs are forced to fight one another for a profit. They spend most of their lives on very short and very heavy chains. Animals are put on drugs when fighting so they have a better chance of winning the fight. By using anabolic steroids. Animal fighting is a felony in all of the 50 states, but it still happens in every state and country. Animal fighting needs to be stopped now! Animal fighting, abuse, and cruelty is such a bad thing to be doing to any animal in the world. They all deserve to have a life like all of us humans have.

We can fix/find a solution for animal fighting, animal abuse, and cruelty. According to mysanantonio and aspca, by reporting animal abuse if you see it happening or if you think that someone is abusing animals, report it to your local animal control center. You also need to teach your children to respect animals so they dont abuse animals or want to try to abuse animals. Help out animals that have been abused, or dogs or any other animal in the world that has to fight. So that's why you should volunteer to help animals so there is less animal abuse in the world. Be aware if there is animal abuse or animal fighting near you because you never know if your neighbors are abusing animals. We need to stop animal abuse and animal fighting!