Edilberto M. Missouri

"Life as a Wetback"

Immigrants aren't the only thing that are hurting this country.

Dear President,

Hello, I am a Freshman in high school and I live in Missouri. I've been watching this years presidential election. All around the U.S. there are many undocumented families. Those families are afraid to get separated. Since this year Trump is running for president and is trying to separate illegal immigrants from their children that are legal in the U.S. Immigrant families don’t want to get deported from the U.S. just because of some documents that say we may live here or not. All immigrants also know clearly that the so called “legals” didn't discover the U.S. It was the Native Americans that traveled from Asia across the land bridge that connected Asia and Alaska then came to the U.S. and they were the ones who actually discovered the U.S. If anything American's are immigrants too. In a past experience I’ve felt the pain of getting my father taken away from me right in front of my eyes. Just seeing my father that works everyday to bring back some money just so we can eat everyday then getting handcuffed and going into a car with flashing blue and red lights. I thought he would be coming back in like 1 or 2 months but he was gone for almost a year and a half because of not having papers that say he may live here. My point is that when a father gets taken it just feels like we have lost a complete chunk of our heart. It has been locked up million miles away. In the moment things happen so fast we may not know what happened but then we realize that it is just mom and us. We always cry, we are always sad, and we feel as if we are not wanted but our mother is doing her best to do both roles of a caring mother and father.

No one was there to help us we had

to figure all of this out ourselves.

Once we got here we didn’t

know we needed papers

that say we belong here.

Ma’ayan Rosenzweig states “There are 10.8 million immigrants in the US today and 53% of immigrants have lived in the US for 10 years or more. There is about 11% of 10.8 million unauthorized immigrants that are under age 18. Also about 140,000 green cards (permanent resident cards) are given out each year and that number should increase.” Rosenzweig observes that immigrants are wanting to get their documents together and it’s not that easy to get them. You have to go through so many things. Basically, Rosenzweig is saying that it won’t be easy to get the documents unless the president helps us too, so we will need as much help we can get. We want to stay in this state and country. This is why instead of deporting us, you should help us get the documents. 

Thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to read my letter.



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