Stephanie R. California

The High Cost of College Tuition

I can't afford college.

Dear Future President,

          The cost of going to college is too expensive. I’m a Latina student in high school,and I know I cannot afford college. The problem with college tuition is that we are charged when applying to college, our acceptance, our classes, books and supplies, and living expenses. This money is either coming out of our parents, who can hardly afford their own bills, or a student making their own money. Some student have to make their own money, while they’re in school and doing homework/studying. As a high school student I’m already nervous enough beginning college, but I also have to worry about a way to afford all of the expenses when beginning college. We are competing with other students who can afford all of their college expenses and as well as additional expenses for extra help, but those like me who’s families don’t make as much struggle to even sustain their families. As the future president think about ways and solutions who make college less expensive and affordable to those with low income. As a child of five and first generation graduating, it is critical for me to go to college, but with college being so expensive it’s a impossible be able to afford college without a job on the side. Having a job while in college is possible but hard to manage your. You'd from working and going to school in addition with homework and other clubs or sports. As a student we have all of these concerns before beginning or applying for college. As the next president, I encourage you to be researching solutions for the college tuition situation.

There is a problem with college tuition. It’s a discount of your college costs that you do not have to pay back. For example, according to Big Future College board “the average published price in-state tuition and fees at a four-year public college is $9,139, but the average net price that an average family pays is $3,030”. Higher education is more costly to deliver today because of “expensive faculty research and the need to keep up with rising technology demands” according to Huffpost. Though everyone wants a higher education to succeed, it’s hard to attend a good college because of its cost. Karl Marx also states that the reasoning for high college tuition is that colleges want to have many luxuries in order to attract students. Students need to have affordable colleges. These are the people of the future. It’s much better to have a student to have students who would work hard to afford a college and really want to learn, than have a student who can afford college but doesn’t even want to go to class. A solution for college tuition is to provide decent housing for every non-commuter. Housing is expensive and a student who is not a commuter have to provide themselves some kind of shelter. This will cut a big amount of money as well as stress for these individual and their parents.


                                                                                    Stephanie Renteria