Zane Z. California

Death Penalty and Prison Overcrowding

My letter is on the death penalty, and what should be done about it.

Dear Future President, 

       What do you plan to do on prison overcrowding, and the policies on the death penalty? Prisons today are overflowing with criminals, and there is not enough room for any more criminals to be incarcerated. One solution to this is the utilization of the death penalty for criminals that have committed horrible acts. One of the problems with the death penalty, is that it gives these horrible criminals a way out of having to serve their sentence. How do you plan to solve this?

       Prison population needs to be reduced, but we can not give these criminals such an easy way out of serving their sentence. I think that we need to find a good alternative to the way that we go about the death penalty right now, to make sure that these criminals receive the punishment that they deserve without making them take up as much resources in our prisons. 

       I hope that you can find a good solution to this important problem. I know that it is not an easy task, but this is the duty of the president of the united states. Welcome to office.