Alex R. New York

The Things That Should Be Changed In The United States.

My letter is stating the things that should be changed about the decisions that people make for instance the crime and the criminal justice system.

Dear Next President

The biggest issue facing America today is racial profiling Did you know that many black men are getting profiled by police officers for no reason at all._Also it’s just bad to do these things to black citizens for no reason at all, cops are just abusing there power.In addition to this subject, many black citizens are getting killed because of cops abusing there power.Also many black citizens lose their families or there lives because of this situation.This issue is important to me because i would hate to lose my life or my family because of this and this whole situation needs to stop before it gets way more worse.One solution to this issue is to try and get along with some police officers so they can stop this crazy madness and also to learn to trust each other because if this keeps happening than we will begin to loose a great amount of our population.Another solution is to stop getting worried about this situation and also to stay calm because if this continues than it will become racism all over again. In the future i would really love to see a big change coming from a student i would love to live in a safer environment with my family and not have to worry about bad things happening.

Sincerely, Alexander Rivera