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Immigration is a big problem that as Future President we need you to solve.

Dear Future President,

I'm writing this letter to talk about immigration. I think that immigration is a big problem. Some people think we should keep immigrants out. Some people think we should welcome immigrants into this country. Whoever you are we need a solution to immigrants coming and not being able to come into this country.

Right now people are arguing about whether immigrants should be able to come into this country. I think that you need at least a fair number of immigrants allowed to come into this country. I think that because these people are in need of a safe place to stay. I know that America does not have all the jobs, money, and food in the world. But we need to help these people. We do need to let them in, but we do need a limit.

If you think about it, we in the United States, all come from a heritage of immigrants unless you're Native American. So the idea of not letting immigrants come into this country sounds a bit silly. In America, we don't experience the same situations as immigrants such as war, famine, lack of religious freedom, and most countries don't have a Bill of Rights. If you're American, you are lucky and immigrants want to have a better life too.

On PBSKids, they say that about 2,200 immigrants come to America seeking a better life every day. That is a lot of people! I don't really know how to determine a limit, but as President, you need to find a reasonable answer. Imagine being put in that situation of having to flee your country because of a bad life and then once you've finished that journey, you are rejected by the country you're trying to get into. I hope as President you'll give this important issue serious thought.

In conclusion, after reading this letter, I hope you address this issue with kindness and fairness. If I were you, I would choose to let as many people as we can within reason. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you make the right decision. Please know you have my support. Now prepare to be President!


Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

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