Titus Washington

Gun Control

I believe that the next president should address the next problem of Gun Control

Braden and Titus

Olympia, WA

6 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President,

In the world today, Gun Control, or lack of it, is a big problem. There have been many shootings and acts of violence. This is unacceptable, and it seems as if the government is doing nothing to stop it. By adding stricter gun laws we can help secure the American people. They won’t have to be afraid of going out in public because they are afraid someone has a gun. The change of gun laws will help protect our citizens.

The problem here is that people are able to buy guns in our country much too easily. On journalist Bryant Gumbel’s show “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” a thirteen year old couldn’t buy cigarettes or inappropriate material without an I.D. or parent, but could go to a gun show and buy a rifle with just cash. If that’s possible, ANYBODY could go buy a gun if they wanted to. That shouldn’t be. A criminal or someone who is looking to do others harm could buy any gun they wanted. There have been over twenty-five shootings in the eight years President Obama has been in office. This year there have been 351 people dead and 1,283 injured. The country is struggling because it seems they every other week there is a shooting or act of terrorism in somewhere in the United States. People are scared to leave their homes.

If there were stricter gun laws in the United States, this nation would be a much more peaceful place. Not so many people would have guns and be able to hurt others. Our citizens wouldn’t be living in fear of somebody breaking into their homes and shooting them or going out in public in a crowd and being attacked. Americans could live where there isn’t the risk of hostile people threatening their lives.

A way that we can solve the gun control problem is by conducting background checks on every single person who buys a handgun or any gun because it is a easy way to check if they have a bad background. It also provides safety to everyone living in the United States because the criminals who want to buy the guns won’t have the guns to be hurting the innocent people.

Life will improve a lot with many people such as the families because they had to go through a lot of feelings and depression because one of their family members may have died by a gun and they were innocent and did nothing wrong. If the government will place more laws on gun control, many of the deaths from a gun will decrease. The stress people are having because there is more and more deaths happening by a gun everyday. Many people are afraid to walk more than five steps out the front door because of the gun control crisis. They don’t trust anyone because they think that everyone has a firearm and is going to kill them.

One of the first things that the president should do is to make sure that people who are buying guns get the correct background check so we can provide safety for the people in the United States. The president should make a law about it too to insure safety for all the innocent people living in the United States. Every gun store owner needs to know the rules to give background checks to the buyer so they can also make sure that they aren’t selling firearms to the wrong person.


Titus and Braden

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