Chris .M California


We need more gun control we need people to make it harder for other people to get guns because there is too much gun violence.

Dear Future President of the United States,

There is an issue that is greatly disturbing me today. People are killing other people with guns and that is very disturbing we have to stop this.

People have gone too far we need to put a stop to this. I want to live in a country that is full of peace and happiness and opportunities and in order to do that we have to have more gun control.

In 2013, 11,208 people died because of Homicide caused by guns . We need to stop gun violence. They killed a 8th grader last year near my house. They just have been a lot of gun violence near where I live. In my old school they killed about 10 student caused by gun violence.. Also were my other family live there was a gun shooting close to their house and they heard it. You future president have to stop this iā€™m asking for more gun control Yes, some people enjoy using guns for hunting and shooting targets but. There are accidents that cannot be risked.

We need the people that sell guns make it harder for the people getting gun because they might kill people with the guns they bought. We need to tell them to sign something and we need a copy of their ID to see who killed the person.


Chris M.