Zachary E. Michigan

The Stagnant Truth of the Environment

A letter to the next president on the changes of the environment, and the harsh consequences that we face, with solutions laid out and a brief glimpse into what our future--and future generations--will look like if we do not fix the very earth that we live on

Dear Future President:

I stand here today wondering why all of humanity grieves when one life is lost, while we are slowly killing ourselves. Undoubtedly, , the loss of life in any circumstance is shadowed only by despair, but how can we be blind to the death that we breathe in every day. It lounges like a sloth in our lungs, terrorizes our brains, dazes our eyes, and flies around us like a mosquito--always present, yet invisible. I stand here today, not only appalled at the malefic visions that some individuals here gather en masse, but also by the warnings. We have been here before, yet we still wonder why there has been no cure to this blindness . Take off your masks, as they are preventing you to see. Cleanse your hands, as they are forcing you to waste, and listen--deeply--to your heart. Hear how it cries out at the death and our fates. This disaster, of course, is pollution. Environmental damage. Ecosystem failure. We tell our kids to color the world in blue and green, but as it stands now, it’s more of brown and black, with gunk and chemicals aggravating the oceans, ripping apart the very molecules that make it pure, and the Earth masses uprooted, Gaea’s very skin turned into a barren wasteland. We might not see this pollution by our google image results, or our twitter feed, but walk outside and listen to the Earth’s forced breath, feel the boiling heat, gaze at the ice melting before your eyes--once a frozen dream, turned into a watery tomb. They say that drowning is one of the worst ways to die. Watching above into the crystal sky, as you sink to the bottom, helpless. Your lungs fill, you see your life flash, you see the water shimmer, and in that moment you can see your reflection. Hope escapes your last breath as you plummet deeper. The truth is, we are drowning ourselves. We’ve reached an unprecedented amount of carbon in the atmosphere, we’ve killed much of the Great Barrier Reef, we’ve threatened many of our species and we still refuse to change. But you can change that. Order was put in place from the beginning of time, to combat chaos itself. We need to change, and we need to do it rapidly--not just to change the environment, but to reform our very being.

Change is a valuable ideal. We are constantly changing as humans--almost every part of us--yet we resent change. We laugh at the idea of monumental shifts, while the earth yells at us by moving its tectonic shifts. We do have great programs right now, but instead of abolishing them, let’s expand upon them. Let us change the atmosphere that we breathe to be more pure, so that one day we might be able to still see the constellations that our poets eloquently speak of. Let us change the water that we drink to be pristine, so that one day we might be able to look at the oceans and speak of the results, not the problems. Let us change the thoughts that envelop us s , so that one day we might decide to change our hearts rather than stare into our mirrors, repeating our mistakes. Our environment is dying. Let us change. The problems of the universe all fall under the earth that we live on. Let us fix this so that we may continue to live as humans and nurture human development. I speak for my future, and I speak for all futures. Future President, you have the power of change. That is a rare trait to have in this era of humanity. I hope that you use it well.

Some may say that climate change is imaginary. Unreal. Without Existence. If we look back at history, like we should have to see how poorly we were treating this Earth that we live on, we can see heroes of science that we worship like deities today such as Galileo, who was ostracized for dismissing the widely-accepted theory of heliocentrism. We cannot be ignorant in our current bliss, future president. It is a common phrase to be “out of sight and out of mind”, but the change in our environment is in our eyes every day, and we cannot last much longer without putting this idea in our minds. We must adapt to our current state now, and stand together--in unity--to change our environment. I want to see the beautiful lines of the sky touch the horizons for many more years. I want to stand on the edge of the beach and hear the water in solitude. I wish to lay in the grass and look up to see the infinitesimal abyss above me spread it’s wings to reveal the luminescent stars beneath. I wish to be human, and I hope that we may all change rapidly, for we do not have much time.

Thank you, Future President

Clarkston Community Schools

Eisele IB ELA 12


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