Luwam K. California

Poverty; Overlooked

Let's expose America's biggest issue that affects everyone, and needs to be talked about.

Dear Future President,

Poverty, an issue that people are so numb to they ignore it. Every town, city, state and country you go to you're interacting to some form of poverty.

This issue takes a toll on me due to the fact that everywhere I turn there is someone sleeping on the ground, someone whose job wont be there tomorrow, people who wonder when they will have their next meal, the fact that a kid living ground level is more prone to asthma in comparison to a kids living in the hills. These are the little things that impact everything around us.

In 2015, "43.1 million people (13.5 percent) were in poverty" based off of Feeding America. The U.S being the wealthiest country in the world but having such a high percentage of people living in poverty is sickening. Certain groups of people are being directly targeted by poverty and people we just keep disregarding the issue. An instance where people that live in poverty were ignored and pushed onto the back burner was in Flint Michigan, the water crisis is disturbing. It's been a continuous issue since 2014, 40% of people living in Flint are poor, and 60% Black it safe to assume that they're living in a world of environmental racism.

Now, to alter our current problem we need to make sure we're listening to those that are being effected by this issue. Make sure we acknowledging them and that's how we can move forward from here.


Luwam Kidane