Luke P. California

Taxes, Immigrants, and Safety

My opinion on important aspects of what need to be considered when given the position of presidency.

Dear Future President,

Our world is an important thing. But our place in the world we own, that is personally ours under the rule of you, our country, is a little more important in presidential terms. I am a young adult getting ready to move on with my next step in life and that is to go live on my own and fend for myself, not that I kinda already do at home right now. The point is I am getting ready to face collage and jobs with paying bills and taxes and loans and all of those things are very important things to consider making sure are the best that they can possibly be for our country and our people.

Another important aspect of our country is our security and safety for all americans. Yes I said all americans because we currently are dealing with illegal immigrants in our country that get to have the same freedoms as us without earning it first. You can become a legal U.S. citizen if you want to, there is just a process. If you don’t want to go through the process then you don’t truly want to be an american and you don’t truly deserve to live, feed, and work in our country. This is the United States of America, Not United States of everyone is invited into our country to do whatever they want whether it’s too just work and live or if it is a worse case scenario and is now a threat to our country. Could be as small as giving little information about us to their origin, to as big as bombing several buildings at the same time. This needs to be handled and handled the right way. Illegal immigrants are exactly what they are, illegal.

Lastly I want you to just think about our future. Obviously you already know this, it is just logic in the presidential eye. I mean the future of our children and our children's children, and the opportunities, schooling, experiences and most importantly safety will be taken care of in the best way possible for our country and the people in it. The future of technology shall continue but to a certain safe extent. To those people out there that do know how advanced we already are in some technologies, imagine the things we can manifest in the next 10 years. Things that could benefit but maybe be highly dangerous. These are some things to think about and that I think are important for our country, the people in it, and the future of all.


Luke Pritchett