Brandi Montana

Livestock Care

Livestock care in food corporations and how it affects us.

Dear President,

As you may know, the United States has a high percentage of obese people. More than two thirds of adults are considered overweight or obese. This is because the United States is filled with fast-food restaurants and unhealthy food. Many Americans consume way too much of this unhealthy food which leads to weight gain. Obesity is not our only problem though. Obesity can cause certain diseases, but obesity may not be the only reason for the appearance of these diseases. What if this unhealthy food is the cause of disease.

Many food corporations don’t take even remotely good care of their livestock. Within these corporations, livestock are treated very poorly which causes many of them to get diseases or become very filthy and unhealthy. Mercy For Animals did an undercover investigation on Tyson. “Tyson is one of the most notorious animal abusers,”Mercy For Animals states.

Some of them are feed so much that the chickens become obese so the company gets more meat out of them. These bird are “breed to grow to large to fast; nearly 3 times as fast as they once did,” Mercy For Animals claims. This causes most of them to die of obesity. These chickens that are full of disease or obese get sent to fast food restaurants like McDonald's or KFC. The people of this country are now consuming the meat of these chickens that carry a disease. These chickens may be giving us their diseases.

In my opinion, livestock should be well cared for because unhealthy animals means unhealthy diet. Most of the people of the United States believe that obesity causes certain diseases, but what if that’s not true. What if the meat is what causes these problems. That is why I believe that food companies should care more for the health of their livestock. Not just for the livestock itself, but for the people of this country.



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TB - Billings, MT

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