Samantha Montana

Backbone for Students

My letter is about creating a new scholarship for college students who's financial aid has ran out.


9th Grade

14 years old

Billings, Mt

October 26th, 2016

Dear Future President,

I would like to address the issue about Financial Aid and how we could help students after their financial aid has ran out. This is a very important issue because my big sister is currently going to Georgetown in Washington D.C. She would like to become a pharmacist and loves going to her dream school. She works incredibly hard but she can no longer go to Georgetown due to the fact that her financial aid has ran out and she is can no longer afford the school on her own so she has to return home to go to the college in California to get her degree. There are many thousands of people who face this issue.

Sixty-three percent of college students who even have family support don't finish their degree due to stress about not having the money to continue. Students get stressed and don't think they can get the money so they drop out and don't get to get their degree. And according to studentaid.ed financial aid last almost six years. I think you should create a backbone for college students. I mean they work hard to get where the are and shouldn’t have to change their plan or be worried about not getting to continue their education. So I think we should create a scholarship for students who have more than 4 years for their degree and work hard but their financial aid has ran out. I think the scholarship should be enough for at least two years.

So in conclusion I would like to thank you for taking a look at my idea for financial aid and possibly considering the thought about creating a new scholarship for college students.