Luke Indiana


We should increase immigration control

My stances on immigration is that we need an increase in border patrol for finding people who are crossing the border illegally. 

We need more border patrol officers to check and see if people who are crossing the border.

If there is more border patrol there will be a decrease of people who are crossing the border

We need to have border partol officers patrol the U.S, Mexico border from California to Texas. 

The border patrol  officers needs to use tactics to try to stop people and human smugglers from getting across the border.

1 know where the people came from, 2 ask why they are crossing the border, and 3 ask either human smugglers paid to smuggle them in or bad things that happen in their home country that made them cross the border. 

If human smugglers try to run away from the border patrol.The border patrol officers needs a clever tatic like the only way to find a human smuggler they need to think like a human smuggler.