Elsie M. Indiana


The government should not choose whether or not you have a child.

Dear Future President,

No matter what happens or who gets elected, we all still have civil rights. Whether or not you believe in abortion, it is not your say. You should not have the power to say if a women has a child or not. I believe if it is not your body or you did not conceive, or fertilize the egg you have absolutely no say. Abortion has been a controversial topic because of people's own opinion and religion. Which I myself believe that religion and government should never be mixed together. Everyone has there own religion and beliefs. The candidates for president this year have their own strong beliefs. Donald Trump wants to stop funding places like planned parenthood and abortion, but still believes you have the right to have an abortion due to rape, incest, and the mother's health. Hillary Clinton believes the government has no say in whether or not you have an abortion. Clinton believes if we take away that right for women, we are losing rights as women. Imagine if we make abortions illegal, people who are desperate will try and get an abortion anyways. This is going to cause a black markets for abortions, making it unsafe for both the womb and the mother to have it done. Right now abortions are safe to get, causing less infections or deaths towards the mothers. It is a women's fundamental right to choose whether or not to have a kid. If we start forcing women to have kids, more and more kids will either be in a unloved home, more orphanages, or more homeless kids. All of these factors will take place if you outlaw abortions. It is your duty to protect the rights for women.