Tingyao W. New York

Gun Control

Please aware, we are increasing the crime rate if we do not take appropriate actions toward the issue of gun control.

Dear Future President:

                               Gun control has become the most controversial issue in our country now, as of today, the United States has 89 guns per 100 people. Opponents of Gun control often bring up ideas such as: the founding principles of United States- life and liberty. As of the United States was founded to protect people's rights of freedom and life. The existence of second Amendment means that the normal citizens can bear their arms to protect their freedom and life. However, People who supports gun control had stated that the second amendment was intended for militias, it is not necessary for normal citizens to own a gun;normal citizens' ownership to guns causes the high crime rate in the United States. Then the problem is, as the future president, which side will you stand?

            As reported in the news, gun shootings happen in United States everyday, as of December 2015, 12,942 people had killed due to gun violence. This number caused a large chaos in United States in which, people are unsure if they will be shot by a stranger on the street or not. The supporters of Gun Control might say, with such a high gun violence rate, the actions to enforce Gun Control must be taken immediately. However, this is not the case. According to research, 62 mass shootings had happened in the United States between 1982 and 2012, 49 of the shooters used legally obtained guns. Those illegally obtained guns are mostly come from came from online e-market, underground black market or secret weapon manufacturers. If we are unable to control these Illegally obtained guns, but only control guns from people who just want to protect themselves. Then, what's the point of the attemption to decrease the crime rate? Or are we continuing to increase the crime rate in a more direct way?

                Last year, When my aunt and her sister were shopping at a mall in New Jersey, they encountered a robbery, where three man rushed into the mall. Each of them were holding on to a long gun, and they forced the mall employees to open up the registers for them. I did not know what happened after it, but I do know why such an event can happen in this mall and in New Jersey. The reason is that, New Jersey has one of the most restrictive gun laws among the nation. It is extremely hard for residents in New Jersey to own a gun. With this reason, the robbers are able to enter into the building easily as if nobody was armed to stop them. Same reason goes to one of the major shooting in the Orlando nightclub shooting, in which one man was able to kill 49 people and injury 53 by himself. If the gun control was not that strict for people who want to obtain legally, and everyone was able to have a gun while in the club. Then, will this tragedy ever been happen?

          Therefore, Mr./Maiden. President  please recognize the current situation of our country. We need controls on illegal guns, related market and manufactures but not the controls on the normal citizens. Please aware that, the use of gun controls on normal citizens will only benefit citizens who obtains guns illegally and terrorist. Lastly, as our future president, I hope you will make a better decision for the well-being of our country. 


Tingyao Wang

Source: "A Guide to Mass Shootings in America,"

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 6th Period

EWSIS 12th Grade Government - Mr. Jacobson and Mr. Pierini

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