Karson N. Montana

Abortion is a Problem

One problem in America today is abortion. Many women that get an abortion develop mental and physical problems after. Also, many women that have had an abortion experience suicidal thoughts after the abortion. These are just a few problems with abortion.

Dear Future President,

I think that one important issue we face in America today is abortion. I care about this issue because I do not think that it is right to have an innocent life taken away. Every person deserves a chance to live, no matter how small. There are alternatives to abortion such as adoption. A lot of Americans do not believe in abortion but they still have to pay for taxes, which goes to abortion. Taxpayers pay for about 25% of abortions per year. That is about $250,000 spent on abortions just by the taxpayers alone. Abortions can lead to other health problems for the women who have them. This can lead to more healthcare costs for insurance companies and taxpayers too. I hope that when you are in office you will help eliminate abortion and help improve women’s overall healthcare.

Some symptoms of abortion are: depression, stress, and some get pregnant and go out and have another abortion. 50 to 70 percent of all people that have an abortion experience post traumatic-stress disorder symptoms. Women who had an abortion are said to have a 30% higher chance of having mental health problems than other women.

One cause of abortion is based on women not getting information on alternatives. Too many women do not really think of putting their baby up for adoption, because they do not have enough information. Also, in my state of Montana and because of Governor Bullock, women do not have to go to the doctor to get an abortion pill. They can just call in and get it. So now doctors don’t even have to see their patients and look at their overall health before giving them a drug to end their pregnancy. If they did meet in person, maybe the dr. could give the patient other solutions.

A lot of people that take the abortion pill have reported having problems. In 1987, 60% of women experienced suicidal thoughts. 28% of the women attempted suicide. Abortion is definitely an issue, because there should be zero people trying to commit suicide.

I think that you can make a difference in America. One thing that you could do is require that all women thinking about having an abortion go through a class that gives them information on health risks and alternatives. I also think that it would be a good idea to just get rid of abortion in general.

I do not think that abortion is right. Babies should get a chance at life. I believe that taxpayers should not have to pay for abortions either. I believe that women should get information on alternatives to abortion. I hope that you will make the right decision and end abortion.


Karson N., 14

Billings, MT





Billings Public Library

English 1

Skyview High School

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