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College Debt Is A Students Threat

This is a letter addressing student loans being a burden to those who are in a lot of debt.Causing students of today to not even want to go college.

Dear Future President, 

In 2016 college students of our generation have to pay the most debt that we've ever seen through out history.  

     My name is Racquel  and I am a student who is in the eleventh grade who attends the Platte County school district. I have one more year and college is just right around the corner, and me and my parents  concerns  is  how will I pay for college , and how would we pay off student loans. Unfortunately my mom is already going through that process with my sister. She has invested into a second just to keep extra money for the things we need, because we're struggling to pay off my sisters loans plus pay the bills life throws at us. If the debt is continuing to get worse should I even bother going to college. I hear a lot of my peers settling for less, and I go to school in a pretty good suburban area where mostly everyone is able to live a comfortable life. 

   So what really bothers is me is if people who are fortunate enough to afford it but still struggle with debt.  What does that mean for the generation coming up getting ready to go to college. How would  college debt be by the time I get into college.  So I ask ,will the next president  allow us to sink in to a deep hole of even more debt or will he or she help us dig us out of this  revolting debt that were in. Here are some statistics that our country should be ashamed of .

  • Depending on what you major in can affect your debt raging from $42,000 to $140,616 
  • We are 1.26 trillion in to U.S student loan debt
  • There are 44.2 million american's with student loan debt

The statistics that are shown are the ones that stuck out to me the most. 1.26 Trillion is a lot of debt, that means this situation is affecting a lot of people and needs to be fixed now before the  44.2 million goes up in numbers. Whoever decides to go to college is going  to live a better life that our parents maybe could't give us , but with student loan and the lack of finding a job even with a degree out of college   seems to not be worth struggle. I heard many of my peers ask; should they even bother to go? The young generation is loosing hope , because the debt is not worth it.  Some are even settling for less , because maybe they don't play a sport or is good at test taking to even get a scholarship or there less fortunate enough to even go to college. Everyone should get a chance to get go. Education should not be looked at as privilege, it should be looked at as human right , because everyone deserves a  chance at a better life. 


Racquel. C