Matti M. Missouri

Water Awareness

Do you realise that every 21 seconds a child dies of a water related disease? Do you realise that there is so much our country could be doing to help put a stop to that?

Dear future president, 

There are children in third world countries right now thirsting for water that they can't count on getting. Not even clean water, just water. And us Americans take our water for granted. Our clean, fresh, cold water that we have access to at the press of a button or the lift of a lever. These children have to walk miles with buckets just to acquire water. Sometimes not clean, not fresh and not cold. 

In developed countries (including America), only 13 million people lack access to clean water. This may seem like a lot, but when you compare that number to the amount of people who lack access to clean water in Africa alone (which in substantially smaller), you can see how privileged these developed countries are. In Africa, 332 million people lack access to clean water. 

As the new president, I assume you know the population of the United States, but imagine double the amount of people, all lacking access to clean water. That's how many people lack access to clean water around to world. All of these people have the chance of dying of dehydration or a water related disease. 

Now, I understand if you think that this shouldn't be your top priority as president of the United States, because this mainly impacts other countries, but recent studies show that the water crisis is the #1 global risk based on impact to society (as a measure of devastation), (this was announced by the World Economic Forum in January 2015).   

One simple solution that ANYONE can take part in is building wells in these third world countries. The average well costs about $5,000, but the price can vary based on the location of the well. One project that shows that anyone can take part in this and make a difference in others live include my own project (Walk 4 Water), which raised money to build wells in third world countries, and is almost entirely child based, which means that we are almost completely ran by kids. We've been doing this project for four years and we've raised over $35,000 and have built wells in Uganda, Guatemala, North Haiti, Liberia and India. 

Thank you for your time, and I hope you consider my cause worth supporting. 


Matti M. M.