Amir Newton

Letter to Future President

This is about a law called a bathroom-bill that affects transgender people and is disrespectful towards people who are transgender.

Dear Future President,

Imagine a world where people are getting offended just because they were a male on their birth certificate but their female now or they were a female on their birth certificate but they’re a male now. So there is this new law called a “Bathroom Bill” which bans transgender people from using bathrooms that don’t match the gender on their birth certificates. The law could affects state,employees,students and sports fans alike. The Justice department’s civil rights office said the measure is discriminatory. And violates civil rights. And to me I think that this “bathroom bill” is wrong, people should be able to go to bathroom whether they are a male turning into a female or a female turning into a male.

I was doing some research and the “bathroom bill” has become the epicenter of a larger fight over transgender rights. Some people spoke out about the right and one person said “This is about dignity and respect we accord our fellow citizens and the laws that we,as people and as a country,have enacted to protect them”. Transgender people work for the state of North Carolina,and are a part of every community,across the state. “It is unconscionable that the government is placing a target on their backs to advance this discriminatory political agenda. I’m not transgender but if I was I would feel hurt just because I want to be something else doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to do the same things I would do if I stayed what my gender was on my birth certificate.

Some solutions that will take this law away is the top two republicans in the North Carolina legislature filed their own lawsuit against the justice department. The republicans stated that the justice department was trying to violate the 10th amendment. So let me tell you that every transgender individual,right here in America,that you belong just as you are. Future President please look into this situation for people who are transgender. And can you please take the “Bathroom bill” because people are having more problems than we already had. So for my last request future president please look into this matter immediately. Dear president hear our plea.


Amir Newton

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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