Roshan R. California

Global Warming

Viewed as a backseat issue, more emphasis should be placed on combating global warming and other environmental issues.

Dear President,

Global warming is a serious issue that threatens many aspects of the planet and consequently the life form residing on it. Ongoing effects include rising sea levels due to thermal expansion and melting of glaciers and ice sheets, and warming of the ocean surface. These effects have an extremely negative effect on the lives of all organisms throughout the world.

In terms of domestic issues, global warming affects temperature, climate and weather, accounting for the noticeable change in the environment. This change is so great and so advanced that the weather and climate here in California is drastically different from as little as 10 years ago! As a child, I remember rainy days and green mountains; now we are lucky to receive a light drizzle a few times a year. Evidence of the change in scenery can be found in many places, most recently I have used Google Maps and toggled the time; the results were noticeably less greenery and vegetation in local areas. These changes are most definitely reflected all over the world and should prove to be more alarming to the population.

In a broader sense, global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps is problematic for a variety of reasons. One of which concerns the wildlife living in arctic biomes; animals and plants whose natural habitat is gradually ebbing away. I am sure that it would be important to many people to protect animal lives, and prevent any species from extinction. Inversely, the melting of the glaciers releases water into the sea, raising the sea level. This increase will prove to be dangerous, perhaps not in any of our lifetimes, but an increased sea level means less habitable land. In a world where the population is rapidly increasing, a dwindling supply of our already overcrowded lands would prove problematic for many global powers.

Due to the reasons stated above and other reasons that remain unstated for the time being, I truly believe global warming is an issue in which more effort should be made to combat. Regardless of influential opposition, global warming has the power to eventually destroy the world as we know it. Thank you for your time.


Roshan R.

Newbury Park High School

IB Lang & Lit HL 1 - Period 3A (Lilly)

Newbury Park's period 3A IB Lang & Lit course

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