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Gender Equality

This letter is about the large issue that affects many every day. Equality, such as race, gender and disability are all still a problem in our society. I am going to address gender equality. Men are getting paid more than women, just because their gender.

November 4, 2016

Dear Next President,

It is a well known fact that men are still currently paid more than women. Many say this is because women may not have the same education as men. That statement is false, many women have the same amount of education as the men in their same career. For years, people have researched this topic and have discovered the same ridiculous reasons as to why women are not paid equally.

According to Miller, both men and women that have Bachelor's degrees are proven to be paid unequally. A average weekly earning for a female with a 4 year degree is $975. An average weekly earning for a male is $1,304. On average for every dollar a male makes from a full-time job, a female makes 75 cents from the same job. The pay gap makes it difficult for women to buy a house and food to feed their family. In 2014 President Obama, signed a contract to end wage gaps between the genders. Some women were able to get some funds back, but this didn't help everyone.

This leads to my next support, men get paid thousands more than women. After a while this adds up, women end up losing thousands and even millions of dollars in their lifetime due to this pay gap. The world's earning ratio is 64% to 89% according to the article "Pay Gap By State" . If males and females do the same job and have the same education; they should be paid the same amount. Cheryl Hughes told her story to AAUW. She lost over $1 million in earnings because she's an African American woman. The pay gap is worse for women of color or women with different cultural backgrounds than it is for white women. No women should be paid less than a man performing the same job.




       Miller, Kevin. AAUW, Fall, 2016. 

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