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Speak up Our World is in Trouble

Global warming is something real, we shouldn't be looking it as something small. We are just making it worse for our planet. Something small from everyone can be something big, so think about the future.

Dear Future President,

We as a race, the human race, should start to take a stand about global warming. It was an idea or theory that has became a reality. We’ve finally see what it can do, many lives are going to be taken from us. Many people seem like they aren’t worry, maybe it’s because they aren’t one of those victims of the disasters of what global warming caused. The most important of all for you to know is that we are the one who is causing it. We should and will make the world a better place, even better than today.

We’ve been walking around with our eyes and ears closed only hearing and seeing what we want to. Global warming was an idea 100 years ago that has became a reality. According, Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish scientist, was the first to discuss global warming in 1896. according to global warming is the after effect of having or releasing too much greenhouse gases like Co2, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone into to the atmosphere. These gases absorb the infrared radiation, the high and dangerous hot light from the sun. It traps in the dangerous heat from the sun and emitting it little by little for us to survive. Without those gases we wouldn’t survive but, with too many it will kill our world. Svante Arrhenius said that the combustion from our ways of getting energy releases too much greenhouse gases and will result in global warming. Today 2016, we are finally seeing the surface of the result or damage that global warming can cause.

Many lives are at stake here, as we use more and more fossil fuels we are adding greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Soon climate will change, and many will suffer from the heat. The ones with water will be overflowing with it, while the ones who don’t will desperately be in need. On it says that many parts of the world will be uninhabitable for all land animals. Like the polar ice caps, many marine animals and especially polar bears who depends on it for survival but the heat that we are adding to the earth is melting their home.“What we’ve seen over the years is that the older ice is disappearing” said Walt Meier, a sea ice researcher at NASA. Sea level will rise and many lands will be claim by the oceans. National Geographic claims that, “scientific research indicates sea levels worldwide have been rising at a rate of 0.14 inches per year since the early 1990s.” As the ice melts the animals who depends on the ice will suffer and probably will go extinct. Many animals will suffer from the living of humans in the 21st century.

On, a writer by the name of Andyxl, claims that energy crisis will happen anyway, so it’s only a matter of time before we solve all the worries of nuclear power and have a high energy lifestyle; the use of nuclear power plants will emission of greenhouse gases will drop drastically. How long will it take for that to happen before we can't help ourselves anymore? Finally it’s going to be that our world will collapse and we be in many crisis trying our best to survive the harsh climate of our new world. But can we really wait for that to happen? Will we sit back while thousands of lives are taken? Consider all the storms that have happened, weather and the atmosphere have played a big part in it. With us messing with the weather and atmosphere, we will see how the storms will exponentially get worse and worse. The biggest hurricane of this year according to is, “Super Typhoon Meranti, the largest storm on Earth right now, and one of the most impressive cyclones ever recorded on the planet.” You’ve seen what Hurricane Katrina did, of course no one would want to go through that.

Finally, it’s we who caused it. We, as a race, are just making it worse for our future generations. Think about how your children will suffer. Our imperfect technologies, ways of thinking, and way of living has cause such a catastrophe. We human have been contributing to global warming for millions of years. Even though we’ve been contributing, what we are doing right now in the new world is something beyond our control or beyond nature’s control. The world has always been able to find it’s way back to being normal but with this much commitment to the using of energy that causes global warming, we should start to worry. Of course, you and I know that there are some people in this world who aren’t the brightest but we’re just humans, we are not perfect, we make mistakes. We were born and raised here, even cried, fought, and laughed. Don’t let the future generations suffer because of us, think about your children, grandchildren, and even beyond that.


Pao Vang

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis - Hours 2 and 3

This is a sophomore honors class at St. Paul Central High School in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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