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Terrorism and How it Will Affect the U.S. Economy

Terrorism is definitely a big problem all around to world and it does effect to the economy in every country. While 61% of Islamic terror attacks are of U.S. allies, ISIS and other terror groups are coming closer to the U.S. and attacking us again, like 9/11. Most common U.S. allies like France and Brussels have been attacked and over 120 people have been killed. Also, the law against Saudi Arabia and how 9/11 families and victims can sue them because of their actions is a bad law and can effect our economy in so many ways, like going into debt.

Dear Future President,

Did you know that 61% of Islamic terror attacks are of United States allies? Hello, I would like to address the problems with terrorism and how it affects our economy. This topic is important to our country because if terror groups are terrorizing our allies like France and Iraq, they are coming closer to the United States and attacking the U.S. I would also like to talk about the problem with the law about the 9/11 victims suing Saudi Arabia for their actions and how bad it is to our country’s economy. There are many problems that we need to address in our local community as well as our global community, and terrorism comes up above the rest.

First, I would like to talk about the terror attacks from Saudi Arabia on 9/11. There has been a new law passed on how families of victims of 9/11 can sue Saudi Arabia. This was the first override of a presidential veto in Barack Obama’s term of 8 years, so it was a pretty big deal. Senator Charles Schumer of New York says that this override was important and we should let the families of the victims of 9/11 be allowed to “pursue justice”. He was the senator from New York, after all, so he kinda has a point. This is a problem to address because it affects our economy in a very large margin if we get sued for a large amount of money because of our actions toward the country of Saudi Arabia.

Next, I would like to address the terror attacks in U.S. allies France and Belgium. In the France attack, there were 202 people injured and 84 killed overall. In the United States and all over the world people were mourning the death of families and friends who were there for vacation or just live there. Even though 84 people is not even close to 1% of the population in the world, it affects the whole world in many ways, which leads to the mourning of the Brussels attack in Belgium. In that attack, 222 people were injured and 35 people were killed, this leading to less hope around the world because everyone is thinking “Who will be next?” More frankly, the same day, Iraq and Bangladesh were attacked killing 4 people and injuring 7. That’s 37 people dead and 229 people injured in one day! This could affect our economy in many ways, but one main reason is that if ISIS does indeed attack the United States and destroys something like an airport or building, the state it happened in would have to pay for all of the damages, not the country of the terror group. While paying for those damages, the U.S. government has to help the whole state not go into debt.

I would lastly like to address terrorism all around the world. From January 1st to November 1st this year, there have been 2,043 Islamic terror attacks in 58 countries, in which 17,708 people were killed and 22,133 people were injured. No matter how small it was, even if 1 person dies, it counts as a terror attack. All of these are Islamic attacks, so there are way more to count from other terror groups. Also, none of these are in the United States, which is a good thing. But on that note, this means that ISIS might be planning an attack in one of our big cities like Chicago. There have been 10 terror attacks in the United States this year. This brings us back to the 9/11 attack in 2001. In fact, Saudi Arabia is in close proximity to Iraq and Syria. This could possibly affect our economy because you (the new president) would have to deal with everything that is happening in the United States, and might spend a bit, so if you spend too much, we might go bankrupt.

While coming to the same conclusion, all terror attacks are bad and there is no reason why we should be dealing with them in the U.S. There are so many things that the people can do in the world like save money up for situations like terrorism and use it in emergency situations. Islamic terrorism should indeed be stopped and we have to know how to deal with it if they do come to the United States.

 -Joan M.

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 1/2

Ms. McGovern's Period 1/2 ELA Class

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