Josiah F. Georgia

Stop Terrorism

Letter on the stop of terrorism.

   Dear Future President,

   The ground rumbled and shook; the smoke seared my eyes, car alarms went off all around me. This was only the first wave. Blood oozed its way slowly and surely down my bruised checks. Pain, unbearable pain seared through my body as I slowly stood up, what I saw makes my pain look childish. They littered the ground, a thousand of them, the corpse’s dead human beings. I looked around warily looking for something, and then I saw it, my little brother half submerged under a bolder. He was bloody and unmoving, the last etch of emotion on his face showed his scared cry for help. Thank goodness it’s only a story, but some people have experienced this. Terrorism needs to be stopped because it causes death, chaos, and destruction.

    Since 2000, hundreds of terrorist attacks have taken place from Afghanistan to the United States. On September 9, 2001 a group of Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four airliners; two were targeted at the Twin Towers, one at the Pentagon, and one at the White House. Three hit their targets. The Twin Towers crumbled to the ground killing thousands. The Pentagon had a massive smoking hole in its side, but the one targeted for the White House crashed many miles short because of heroic passengers retaking the plane. On November 13, 2015 one hundred and thirty people were shot and killed by a member of ISIS. The attack had taken 11 months to plan. These are just a few of the major terrorist attacks that have taken place in the last sixteen years.

    To remove terrorist groups, you future president will have to apply military force. It would help settle the Middle East and the whole world from terroristic stress. Many people’s lives would be saved and kept whole. The best way, in my opinion, to get rid of terrorism is to use military force. If jets bomb terrorist training camps and bases it will unstable them. While they are confused, armed men would storm the area capturing the terrorists. This could be the key to success.

    In conclusion, future president, I hope you take into account the facts, problems, and advice that I have shared with you. Many people would be relieved to know that you have a plan to defeat Terrorist groups. You would have major support from the people if you put a quick stop to terrorism. Thanks for reading my letter.


                                                                                                         Josiah F