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The Energy of Tomorrow

Nuclear energy is the most ideal option as we face the climate change crisis. It is the most cost effective method while releasing little to no greenhouse gases.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

Greetings President. My name is JunHao Chen and I am currently a senior at East West School of International Studies. As I continue my course on governmental studies, the various issues of politics has prompted me to voice my personal stance on a topic that I care greatly. As a forthcoming voter and aspiring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) major, the issue of renewable energy is undeniably just as important as other hotly debated issues.

When I was young, watching Bill Nye the Science Guy was the norm. Everyday right after school, my after school teacher would play an episode of Bill Nye in order to begin class. Episode by episode, Bill Nye slowly became my favorite science outreach personality. Fast forward to present day, Bill Nye is now a frequent guest on news channels such as the CNN as a climate change defender. Watching him pour his soul out to defend climate change while the interviewer keeps challenging his stance is quite disheartening. As global warming continues to pose an imminent threat to future generations, we as a nation should mitigate pollutant emission and develop new forms of energy production.

The biggest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions is the production of electricity. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Thirty percent of the total U.S greenhouse gas emissions is attributed to electricity. This is due to our dependence on fossil fuel, coal and natural gases which generate a tremendous Sixty-Seven percent of our electricity. By transitioning into renewable energy, we can significantly reduce pollutant emission and mitigate global warming as a whole.

When people think of alternatives to fossil fuel and coal, they tend think of green energy such as solar, hydro, and wind powered energy. However, nuclear energy is more efficient than other options. By harnessing the power of nuclear fission, nuclear power plants can often produce energy up to ten million times more than fossil fuel or coal. In addition, nuclear power produces little to no greenhouse gases during its operation which is ideal as we face the climate change crisis. Though nuclear fission isn’t perfectly sustainable, nuclear fusion is. If scientists can successfully develop and create the first fusion reactor, we can practically have unlimited energy. For now, nuclear fission energy is the best option in terms of cost effectiveness and being environmental friendly.

The fate of future generations is up to you. If we do not transition into nuclear energy, climate change will only worsen. Some animals such as the polar bear will soon become extinct and sea levels will raise which will flood the homes of millions. Nuclear energy is the only suitable option that can satisfy our vast electricity usage while not contributing to global warming. While you begin your term as the President of the United States, please remember: Climate change does not wait.


JunHao Chen

East-West School of International Studies

Government - 2nd Period

East-West School of International Studies 12th Grade Government Class

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