Nicole E. Michigan

Student Loan Crisis

Student loans should be lowered in order for people to be better financially.

To our President,

I’d like to discuss the topic of student loans. You have probably heard this complaint many times now, but it is a very important issue to the people who have to pay them off, and will have to in the near future. As a high school student concerned about my future, this is a very big issue to me that i would like to be resolved. In which case, I believe that student loans should be lowered, in order for people to be better financially.

According to MarketWatch, there is a total $1.2 trillion dollars in student loan debt. It is the second highest level of consumer debt behind only mortgages. By these results, it shows just how big this issue is. The high student loans affect people with financially dependent children and people who are not employed full time. Meanwhile, they will struggle with making bigger purchases that drive economic growth, such as houses and cars. Since approximately 40 million Americans are batting student debt, it’s hard to make these bigger purchases and raise families.

As the President, I believe this issue would be a very important thing to fix, and could change people's lives. Although these student loans go towards the government and helping make our government better, that doesn’t erase the fact that these student loans are severely hurting the lives of the American people. Looking towards my future, I definitely do not want to be worrying about paying for college after I finish, I can assume people with families to take care of and other matters do not want to be paying a lot for something they have already finished. In my opinion, since the interest rates are so high, it is resulting in student loans to be higher. Lowering the interest rates would lower student loans and definitely help out.


Nicole Eggen

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