Eli W. Kentucky

Is it getting hot in here?!

Global warming is real and affects our lives.

Dear future president,

There are many important issues in our world. The majority of them affect our country including the war in the middle east, marriage equality, the T.T.P, college tuition fees, and gun control to name a few. The one I feel most affects me is global warming. Global warming is a huge problem; a few factors are assisting in the process. These include the hole in the ozone layer, greenhouse gasses, and human pollution.

Global warming affects the animals of the world. The polar bear’s conservation status is threatened, which means that the species is close to endangered. The polar bear is rapidly losing its habitat which restricts their hunting space which means less food. Global warming affects all arctic animals including narwhals, walruses, penguins, arctic foxes and many other species of fish. What is happening to these animals is kind of like if someone took away a grocery store every week in your neighborhood.

Global warming also plays a big role in floods and droughts. The extra warming would speed up the process of evaporation. The moisture would the move to the colder regions and come down as rain or snow. That would mean less moisture in hot areas and more moisture in colder regions. This is really bad for the southwestern united states which is currently experiencing a water shortage.

Hurricanes are also affected by global warming. Global warming is heating up the oceans that hurricanes draw their power from. More heat=more power. The seas are also rising, that means higher storm surge, which is the deadliest part of the storm. Hurricane Matthew recently hit the U.S and some say its size was due to global warming. Scientists era expecting larger hurricanes in the near future. Hurricane Matthew is a perfect example of larger hurricanes.

So to conclude, global warming affects animals, floods, droughts and hurricanes. A good president should be able to take action and help prevent global warming, hopefully you are that president. A large hurricane could even hit D.C! That could be the most expensive storm in U.S history! Follow your gut and help prevent global warming!

From: Eli W.


Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 4 Social Studies

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