Peyton Wisconsin


Sweatshops violate labor laws.

Dear Future President,

Could you imagine working in a rat infested factory for less than minimum wage seven days a week? Well that’s what is happening to many people across the world including children in sweatshops. That is not only a violation of labor laws but it is also cruel.

My first reason on why we should get rid of sweatshops is because of the sexual harassment towards women. Many managers promise better jobs in return for sexual favors. Or not even placing deals, just harassing them. When the women do become pregnant, they are forced to have an abortion so that they can continue working.

Another reason why we should get rid of sweatshops is because of the strict rules that do not follow the labor laws. Nobody is allowed to use the bathroom or take a break during their shifts, unless they want be fined. Also child labor is a problem in these factories, over 168 million children, ages 5-14 are forced to work in developing countries.

Lastly, some people may say that this alleviates poverty, but it does not because many people spend their money on food for their families. Also with the lack of benefits and unfair wages, no one has enough money to provide for their family like buying food, clothing, and shelter.

I think that we should get rid of sweatshops because of all of the violations in labor laws. Not only do they violate human rights, but property rights as well because of the illegal activities and uncleanliness.