Katelin L. Wisconsin

Gun Control

A source of action needs to be taken to ensure the safety of our people.

How much longer are we going to lose lives due to poor gun control? Many people have lost their lives and there needs to be a change.

Innocent lives are taken from people that deserve to live. Everybody has the right to live and among those people who should live 8,583 of the 12,664 homicides were done using a gun. People have a right to live and that is being taken away from them. There are about 4.7 murders every 100,000 people. Gun violence isn’t always killing each other. About 19,392 of 38,264 suicides use a gun internationally. No one needs to die unless there are extreme circumstances. Of all the people at risk, children are just as likely. Of an average of 300 murders a day it is just as likely to happen in a school or near them. Guns don’t always fall into the right hands. Some people obtain a gun without the right information. Everyone needs to be safe with guns and actions need to be take.

How are you going to protect people in your next term? These lives don’t need to be lost, and you can change that.