Dominick W. Wisconsin

Dress Code

Dress codes can help schools in many different ways

Dear Future President,

I believe that having a dress code in schools all around the nation would help the US in many ways.

For example when schools decide to have a dress code implemented, students learn more as well as their test scores raise. A 2010 study found that elementary school girls language test scores increased by 3 points after uniforms were introduced. School uniforms reduce bullying, and peer pressure during school. In a 2013 survey 43% percent of leaders say that uniforms reduce bullying and 86% say it reduces peer pressure. Dress codes make students and parents feel more safe about going to school and sending their kids to school. This is because school uniforms limit bagginess in clothing this allows less space for a student to hide a weapon or any other illegal object to be brought into school.

School uniforms should be considered by all schools, although they may not look cool or feel good school uniforms may help you in the long run.


Dominick W.